The Resilient Housing Initiative (RHI) focuses on construction projects designed to return St. John’s vulnerable residents to stable living situations, and to ensure that components of their homes are rebuilt in a manner that is more disaster resistant than their pre-storm conditions.

Hundreds of homes on St. John were partially or completely demolished by Hurricanes Irma and Maria - the Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates up to 74% of low and middle income residential structures on the island were damaged. Although there has been a substantial amount of federal aid and public assistance dispersed to residents throughout the Territory, navigating these complicated systems is an arduous and difficult process for the most vulnerable of St. John’s residents, and qualified contractors on the island are limited. As a result, a large number of seniors, low-income individuals, and homebound individuals have been denied public assistance or have simply given up; unwilling or unable to appeal public assistance decisions. To complicate the situation, supplies and labor in the Territory are at a premium. While the wealthiest of St. John’s homeowners are able to pay higher costs for rebuilding, ensuring that their projects are prioritized, low and middle income homeowners are left without any available resources.



Eligible participants are full-time St. John residents who, upon case by case evaluation, are a member of one or more of the following categories:

  + Seniors
 + Low income families
 + Single parent families
 + Pregnant women
 + Homebound individuals
 + Residents with non-emergency medical needs
 + Individual cases with extenuating financial circumstances 

RHI is, for many St. John residents, the only path to full recovery. It is tremendously difficult for residents to focus their attention on schooling, medical care, or economic growth when they are still displaced or living under a blue tarp roof.

Due to the tremendous amount of logistical coordination involved with a project of this magnitude, LCS has linked with community and international partners in the nonprofit and private sectors to combine resources, utilize different skill sets, and streamline project management and rebuilds for those most in need. The RHI partners are:

+ Love City Strong

+ Love for Love City

+ STJ Angels - Long Term Recovery Team

+ St. John Community Foundation

+ All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response




Love City Strong has committed to providing the following resources for RHI:

+ All project management, oversight, site inspections, and shipping logistical support.

+ Paying for all construction labor for all crews and licensed contractors.

+ Mold sanitation on all rebuilt homes courtesy of our Mold Sanitation Team.

+ Paying for tools and equipment used on job sites as needed.

+ Providing fixed assets including a materials yard and four vehicles used solely for the purpose of completing the project during its duration (including their maintenance and fuel).

+ Acceptance of full client-related liability associated with each build.