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Love City Strong (LCS) serves the community of St. John, USVI in addressing disaster preparedness and community wellness needs that fall outside the jurisdiction of other entities. Our specific objectives are:

Source labor for our projects from St. John residents, which directs money into the local economy and develops assets for future disaster response situations.

Lead projects that educate the community in best processes in immediate aftermath of a disaster and in the long-term recovery phase, ensuring that St. John is better informed and prepared for future disaster situations.

Provide logistical support to other NGOs and government agencies both federal and territorial, in areas of disaster recovery and in areas of community wellness.

At the core of everything that we do, Love City Strong strives to:

Have integrity in our actions.

Have responsibility for our decisions, both as individuals and as a corporation, and their consequences.

Have respect for the communities we work with and serve.


Love City Strong formed in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, as a grassroots group of St. John residents responding to the immediate needs of the community. Our team was quickly utilized as an on-the-ground asset by federal, territory, and private philanthropic partners, and in December 2017 we became a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization recognized in the United States and the US Virgin Islands.   

In 2018, LCS successfully worked with partnering agencies in both the public and private sector on multiple initiatives within our stated mission and goals. It is our belief that these partnerships are the future of disaster response and recovery. As we move through recovery and into a new era of preparedness, resilience, and sustainability we seek to leverage the innate talents and beauty of our community to strengthen the island from the roots up.



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